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  1. LL Cool J says:

    What is a Boot Camp?

    • admin says:

      Bootcamps training
      IT Certification is today becoming the baseline for professional IT careers
      Boot camps are specially designed course methodology that provide IT professionals with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary in a short time frame

      If You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for highly recognized Certification Exam, we have the professionally designed course methodology .
      Our expert Instructors (senior IT consultants with extensive real-world knowledge ) will teach you

      **How to focus on important topics first, master them fast and retain what you’ve learnt
      **How to prepare fast and accurate?
      **How Pass the examinations by referring sample questions
      **How to face real life technical situations

      Our Boot camps are designed in three categories
      1) Fast Track For Experienced Professionals
      2) Slow For Inexperienced Professionals
      3) Self paced (One on One Training)

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